Artefill is the first FDA-approved “permanent” filler. Typically used for deep facial folds, Artefill will last indefinitely. Patients who have used fillers previously are candidates for Artefill. Because of the potential lifetime permanency, it is not usually recommended for first time filler patients. Dr. Sikorski has many patients who have opted for Artefill for the nasolabial folds and have been very pleased with the results and longevity.

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What is in Artefill?

Artefill is made up of microscopic beads suspended in a collagen gel. The collagen acts both as a carrier and an instant filler. The beads, made of PMMA, are not broken down by the body and remain in the skin. It is this unique quality that makes Artefill so different from every other filler.

What is PMMA and is it safe?

PMMA, polymethylmethacrylate, has been used for many years in orthopedic surgery. It is biologically inert, so there is almost no chance of allergic response. The carrier vehicle, bovine collagen, is the component which necessitates a pre-injection test several weeks prior to full use. About 3% of the population has potential bovine collagen sensitivity.

How does Artefill work and how long does it last?

PMMA implantation is considered permanent. Within the first 1 to 3 months after treatment with Artefill®, the bovine collagen vehicle degrades and is replaced with the body’s own new collagen tissue. This binds to and encapsulates the PMMA microspheres into p

lace thus preventing migration. The full effect of the augmentation may not be seen until this process is complete.

Can Artefill be used for the lips?

No. Lip augmentation can be accomplished with any of the hyaluronic acids or Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast collagens. Because the lip muscles are so highly active, there is the chance the microspheres could shift, resulting in permanent lumps or bumps.

Sometimes understanding the fine points of the various fillers can be a little confusing. If you’d like to speak with our experienced staff, call the office or request a call back through our online callback form. We’re happy to explain how each filler works and their unique advantages or limitations.

Artefill FAQ’s

Q: What is Artefill?
A: Artefill is the long lasting solution for wrinkle correction. Artefill consists of a combination of microsphere enhanced collagen and lidocaine for comfort.

Q: How does Artefill work?
A: The collagen gel acts as a carrier for the microspheres in Artefill. Gradually, your body absorbs the collagen while the microspheres remain to provide a long lasting support structure below the wrinkle to sustain wrinkle correction.

Q: Is Artefill safe?
A: Yes. Artefill has proven to be a safe and effective dermal filler for the correction of wrinkles and was approved by the U.S. FDA in October 2006. In clinical testing, Artefill was as safe as the control temporary filler.

Since the launch of Artefill in 2007, thousands of patients have been safely treated with Artefill and there have been no product recalls and no reported medical device events.

Q: How does Artefill differ from temporary fillers?
A: Temporary dermal fillers are made of different kinds of natural or synthetic materials that are completely absorbed by the body over time and as a result, wrinkle correction usually lasts for only 3-9 months.

The microsphere enhanced collagen in Artefill remains intact at the treatment site and provides structural support to keep your wrinkle from returning.

Q: When will I see results with Artefill and how long will the results last?
A: You will see results immediately. In the U.S. clinical study, full wrinkle correction was maintained for up to one year.

Q: Is one treatment enough to get the look I want?
A: Most people get the results they want with one or two treatments, depending on the depth of their wrinkles and folds. When you have your follow-up appointment in four to six weeks, you can decide if you would like to further enhance your results.

Q: How will my face feel following treatment?
A: With proper placement, Artefill may not be felt after treatment. You will see the results immediately and be able to return to your normal daily activities.

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