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how-can-you-boost-your-beauty-confidence-_16001046_801569651_0_0_14053267_500When you change how you feel on the outside, can it really affect how you feel on the inside? At Natural Image OC, we see many patients regain their confidence after undergoing a cosmetic/dermatological procedure; and now there is scientific evidence to shed light on the relationship between happiness and cosmetic surgery.

Research published in Clinical Psychological Science reports that cosmetic surgery patients often experience more joy in life, a higher sense of satisfaction and greater self-esteem.

The No-Surgery Options

Does everyone with aging issues need surgery? Absolutely not. And it’s not uncommon to discover that many non-surgical options are completely adequate to accomplish the changes you’re interested in.

Deciding what you need

It can be difficult to decide what you really need on your own. Will it be fillers, Botox, laser surgery? A consultation with Dr. Sikorski and our Patient Care Coordinator is complimentary. You’ll get all the answers you need and an education all at the same time. It’s important to understand why certain procedures are recommended and how they impact the kind of changes you want to achieve. In the end, the final choices are always yours and you’ll feel secure that your decisions are founded on both knowledge and understanding.