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Close Up of Female's Lower Face Receiving Injection to LipsWhen it comes to a cosmetic procedure, there are many questions that may pop into your head: Is this the right choice for me? Is this dangerous? How quick is the recovery time? Natural Image OC takes pride in making sure that all of our clients are as comfortable as possible when it comes to any procedure. We understand that it can be daunting to undergo an injectable cosmetic procedure, especially when it’s your first time. Dr. Sikorski’s signature style is giving each patient a ‘natural look’, so rest assured that your Natural Image OC doctor has your best interest at heart. To make things easier on you, Dr. Sikorski has put together the top 5 things you need to know before getting an injectable treatment.

What you need to know

1.) Discover your “problem” areas: In order to truly understand which areas you’d like your doctor to focus on, you’ll need to take a “selfie”. It is much easier to evaluate yourself objectively through photos, rather than starring in the mirror. Snap a photo of yourself looking forward in a neutral position, then take another of yourself doing a range of facial expressions: smiling, frowning, pouting, looking up and looking down. Next, lay your photos side by side and select the ones that bother you the most. Ask yourself; what is the biggest difference between the neutral photo and the others? Focus on where most of your facial lines are. The better you understand what you want to improve, the better your doctor can help you.

2.) Know your budget: Pick an amount that you’d like to use for your treatment, then discuss with your doctor what options you have available based on your budget. But keep in mind, you must be prepared to make some sort of financial commitment in order to get the results you want; and smaller doses may not last as long as you’d like. If your budget is limited but you want to address more than one area, then you may want to consider staggering your treatments.

3.) Start small: Choose the main area of concern and focus on that first as you can always go back and add more. Keep in mind it may take 3 months to resolve any deep wrinkles.

4.) Choose an area that has the best chance of success: This would be an area such as the frown lines that are treated with wrinkle-relaxing injections and have a low complication rate. It’s an easy area to have treated and can quickly give you that refreshed look that you’re seeking.

5.) Continue to take care of your skin: It’s imperative to continue to manage your skin to maintain the areas that you’re going to improve. This would include a morning and night cream, sunscreen, and a moisturizer.

Natural Image OC  is based on the premise that cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to leave you looking as if you had surgery. Old-school surgical techniques often create over-tightened, flat, wind-swept appearances. If you or someone you know is considering a cosmetic or dermatological procedure, please contact us today for a free consultation.