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Fat transfer is one of the hottest ways that women and men and fill in their sunken, aging faces. A more natural alternative to dermal fillers, fat transfer is often preferred by Natural Image OC patients because:

  • It provides the added benefit of eliminating unwanted fatty deposits from bodily problem areas such as the abdomen or buttocks.
  • It “takes” better than dermal fillers because it uses your body’s own fat*.
  • Fat transfers typically last longer than dermal fillers*.

A fat transfer from your abdomen or buttocks can, once processed and cleansed at our onsite laboratory, fill in a variety of facial issues, including:

  • A sunken appearance that may have developed around the cheekbones, temples, and/or mid-face as you have aged.
  • Other facial features that either look flatter or feel less defined.
  • Facial skin that now appears less firm than it once was in your youth.
  • Lines and wrinkles that are visibly apparent.
  • Facial depressions created by scarring.

How Does a Fat Transfer Work?

A fat transfer works by taking donor fat from an area of your body, typically your abdomen or buttocks. This fat is then filtered and cleansed in our onsite laboratory and then, in the same session, injected into your desired facial area to add and restore the volume you’ve lost due to the ticking hands of time.

The Many Benefits of Fat Transfer for Filling in Facial Features

While it’s true that dermal fillers can be used to address many of the facial problem areas described above, there are several advantages to using fat transfer over dermal fillers, including:

  • The ability to both add facial volume while simultaneously decreasing unwanted fatty deposits from your abdomen, buttocks or other problem areas.
  • Lack of rejection – since fat transfer uses your body’s own fat, there’s no risk of rejection or allergic reactions.
  • Longer lasting results – fat transfers typically last longer than dermal fillers*.

Your Experience with Fat Transfer

When you come to Natural Image OC for a fat transfer consultation, a number of things will incur, including:

  • An examination and discussion of both your facial and bodily problem areas.
  • A complete explanation of the procedure, so you are fully knowledgeable before having it performed.
  • A complete medical history will be taken. Even though a fat transfer is a simple outpatient procedure, it’s important for Dr. Sikorski to know if you are taking any medications, or supplements or have any medical conditions.
  • A personalized treatment plan will be prepared for you.

On the day of your procedure, you will arrive at our Orange County offices and have your fat harvested. Once harvested, the fat will be cleansed and filtered at our onsite laboratory. The processed fat will be injected into your face, and any remaining harvested fat may be stored for up to one year for touch-up applications.

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*Individual results may vary