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Hyperpigmentation – or brown spots on the skin – are one of the most common complaints that dermatologist Dr. Sikorski of Natural Image OC receives from her patients. Whether these spots are the result of aging, sun exposure or genetics, many patients displaying them, especially on their face, feel as though they don’t look their best, even when they try to cover them with makeup. Thankfully, there are medical ways to treat hyperpigmentation, which we will discuss below.

Treating Hyperpigmentation from Sun Damage

When you’re out in the warm sun, it’s very common to develop sun damage on your skin, even if you use sunscreen routinely. Luckily, dermatologists like Dr. Sikorski have a lot of options to treat this type of hyperpigmentation, including:

  • Cosmelan – This intensive topical treatment inhibits melanin products, resulting in lighter skin.
  • MIXTO Laser – Perfect for treating hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, this fast-healing laser treatment is FDA-approved for treating sun spots.
  • Photofacial IPL – This intense light exposure treatment reduces brown spots on the skin, as well as any red ones you may have, too.
  • Chemical Peels – Depending on the severity of browning on your face, a chemical peel may be needed to remove dead skin cells and reveal the healthier skin below.
  • Sciton Skin Resurfacing Laser – Only available for certain skin types to be determined by Dr. Sikorski, this laser is used for intense pigmentation of the skin.
  • Hydroquinone-Based Lightening Prescription Creams – This skin bleaching agent can help to gently remove pigmentation marks on your skin.

Which Hyperpigmentation Treatment Option is Right for Me?

No matter how much online research you do to get rid of dark pigmentation spots on your skin, there’s no substitute for a consultation with Dr. Sikorski, who is both a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon. To determine which skin treatment program is best for residents their overall skin type, skin hygiene, and daily skin routine must be taken into consideration. Only a specialist like Dr. Sikorski has the knowledge to get to the bottom of those questions, as well as the technical expertise of each available treatment option.

Consulting with Dr. Sikorski

If you have pigmentation spots on your face or other parts of your body that bother you, there’s no reason you should live with them – especially not with today’s skincare technology! We recommend that all our potential patients schedule a cosmetic dermatology appointment with Dr. Sikorski so that their skin can be evaluated and Dr. Sikorski can develop a personalized treatment plan for them.

Every patient Dr. Sikorski sees is different, and therefore every treatment plan will be unique. Even if you had a friend trust Natural Image OC to remove their hyperpigmentation marks, you might find that your skincare regimen is different than theirs, even if your marks appear similar.

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