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One of the worst parts of aging are those telltale signs we all get on our faces that show the world our age. Crows feet, marionette lines, deflated cheeks, sagging jowls, and loose neck skin are just some of the problems many men and women face. While some people may be ready for a full face makeover, for those who are only experiencing those frustrating signs of aging on their lower face, a neck lift might be all you need. Dr. Sikorski has more than 20 years of experience caring for patients and is a dual board-certified plastic surgeon. This gives her an amazing level of training that she is able to provide for her patients, not to mention the amazing reputation she has as an expert in skin and facial surgery.

For men and women in the area who are considering a neck lift, you might be wondering where the incisions are placed and whether or not they will show. We will discuss the neck lift procedure below and let you know where your incisions will be placed during your procedure. 

What Is A Neck Lift?

A neck lift is medically known as a lower rhytidectomy and is a surgical procedure that can improve visible signs of aging in the jawline and neck on men and women. A neck lift can remove excess fat and skin in the lower face that create jowls, remove excess fat under the chin, remove loose neck skin that gives some people that “turkey neck” look, correct muscle banding in the neck, and provide more youthful-looking structure in the face and neck that has been lost due to aging, gravity, and genetics. 

Neck Lift Incisions

Where Dr. Sikorski places your neck lift incisions depends on how much change you’d like to see in your face. There are two choices of neck lift incisions – traditional neck lift incisions and limited neck lift incisions.

Most men and women receive a traditional neck lift incision. For this procedure, Dr. Sikorski will begin the incision in the hairline at the top of the ear, continue down and around the ear, and end the incision in the posterior hairline. Though this incision is long, it gives Dr. Sikorski the access she needs to be able to sculpt and redistribute fat from around the jowls and neck. She will also reposition the underlying tissue in the neck and tighten the muscles as well. After this is completed, Dr. Sikorski will trim away excess skin and redrape the remaining skin over the uplifted area.

For patients who need limited work done on their lower face and neck, a limited incision can be used. This incision only goes around the ear providing a much shorter scar.

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