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Blond Female Pointing to Eyebrow Looking Straight At CameraWhen men and women begin to see the effects of aging in their faces, they often begin searching out the best possible solutions to help themselves look better and younger. If you are suffering specifically from lines and wrinkles on your forehead, a brow lift might be just what you need. A sagging or heavy brow can communicate to the world that you are tired, angry, or just plain old – even if you’re not. Thank goodness Dr. Sikorski has over 20 years of experience performing brow lifts for people just like you. Her precision and artistic touch provide consistent, natural-looking results for her patients year-round. Keep reading as we discuss the brow lift procedure and what you can expect from your results.

What Is A Brow Lift?

Also known as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, a brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that raises the eyebrows to a more appealing position. A brow lift provides men and women with a more youthful and rested appearance by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

A brow lift can improve the self-confidence of many men and women who are struggling with their aging face, as aging can cause the brows to move down. A brow lift can correct uneven brows, sagging brows, or low brows. Patients of Dr. Sikorski can combine a brow lift with other facial cosmetic procedures like eyelid surgery or a facelift.

Types Of Brow Lifts

What technique Dr. Sikorski will use for your brow lift will be based on your specific needs and desired results. There are several different types of brow lifts:

  1. Endoscopic Brow Lift: For this procedure, Dr. Sikorski will make several small incisions behind your hairline. She will then insert an endoscope, which is a tiny camera mounted on a long, thin tube, through one of your incisions so she can see your muscles and tissues. Through another incision, Dr. Sikorski will insert an instrument to lift your forehead tissue and secure it in a new position.
  2. Coronal Brow Lift: During a coronal brow lift, Dr. Sikorski will make an incision behind your hairline from ear to ear, across the top of your head. Though this incision is long, it will give her the access she needs to lift your forehead to a new position. This technique is avoided for people with high hairlines or thinning hair.
  3. Hairline Brow Lift: Dr. Sikorski will make an incision between the top of your forehead and the beginning of your hairline when performing a hairline brow lift. This technique is used for men or women who have a high hairline because it prevents the hairline from being pulled back during the procedure. Dr. Sikorski will remove a small of skin and tissue from the top of your forehead instead of your scalp.

What Results Can I Expect From A Brow Lift?

A brow lift is considered a long-lasting procedure, but it is important to remember that nothing can stop the hands of time from continuing to age your face. This means that your forehead will eventually begin to settle and lower again. In order to keep your results for many years to come, Dr. Sikorski recommends that her patients live a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, exercising, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding smoking. A healthy lifestyle not only keeps your results looking good, but it also keeps your entire body healthy and at its best.

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Dr. Sikorski loves helping her community look their best. If you are ready to get back to a younger-looking you, call her office today to book your initial consultation. She will be able to walk you through the brow lift procedure and explain what you can expect from your results based on your specific needs.