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Female Model Wearing Hairnet With Blue Gloved Hand Drawing Cut Lines Below EyesAre you a resident who finds a mean, angry, or exhausted person looking back in the mirror every day? Even if you don’t feel like that on the inside, your eyes say so much about who you are. Not only can your eyes tell other people what mood you’re in, but they can also tell people your age, what kind of health you’re in, and what kind of life you’ve had. For men and women who deal with dark undereye circles and deep lines around their eyes, those first impressions can be very frustrating because they know that they don’t look as good or as young as they feel inside. Deep, dark undereye circles are the result of deep tear troughs, which is considered a tear trough deformity. It leaves men and women with a sunken look under their eyes. But not to worry, Dr. Sikorski of Natural Image OC can bring life back to your eyes and take years off of your face by performing a blepharoplasty procedure.

The Low Down On Those Pesky Tear Troughs

Tear troughs form a triangle shape under the eye that extends from the corner of the inner eye, down along the nose, and out toward the upper cheek. They leave patients with an old, tired appearance. While many women who suffer from “regular” bags under their eyes use makeup to successfully cover the discoloration, makeup won’t work for deep tear troughs. Instead, deep tear troughs must be corrected through blepharoplasty.

I hate to say it, but tear troughs are caused by genetics and aging – two things you can’t prevent. The effects of aging on the face cause the skin to lose elasticity, while at the same time, the fat that provides shape and structure to the face deteriorates, which can cause tear troughs to swell or stick out from the face. This is when men and women begin to see bags under their eyes, which is a result of the unevenness of fat and skin. And regarding genetics – if your parents or grandparents had deep tear troughs, there’s a very good chance you will end up with them as well. Sometimes genetics are a pain.

Blepharoplasty Can Correct Deep Tear Troughs

By performing a lower blepharoplasty procedure (or lower eyelid surgery), Dr. Sikorski can give men and women long-lasting results, leaving them with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. A blepharoplasty can take years off your face and give you newfound confidence in your appearance and first impressions.

To perform the procedure, Dr. Sikorski will create a very small incision below the lower eyelash line and remove excess skin and redistribute fat in the undereye area to “fill in” the trough. By doing this, she is able to take away the shadow affect her patients suffer from. Dr. Sikorski is able to keep the blepharoplasty incision very small; therefore, it will be undetected by others.

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If deep tear troughs have been haunting you and you are ready for a change, call Dr. Sikorski at Natural Image OC to book an initial consultation. She will thoroughly explain the procedure, how you can expect to look after the procedure, and risks or complications associated with blepharoplasty. You can reach a member of her friendly team by contacting her office.