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Such a great experience~! I received Juvederm because I’ve been dreaming of a full upper lip since I was in high school. Of course back then, it was nothing more than a wish (and a prayer). I would always press in right above my cupids bow to imagine how beautiful I could be. After all my research I chose Dr. S. I showed her the way I wanted my lips to look by doing the same thing I’ve done in the mirror for years (pressing above my cupids bow to see a lip with a full ‘belly’). All my research had payed off when I looked in the mirror and saw she was able to duplicate the look I’d been pretending with for 15 years TO-THE-T! The procedure was relatively painless because her staff provided me with numbing cream, as well as used the Juvederm with a numbing agent in it. Totally worth it! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, there was barely a wait time, and the final outcome was more than I could wish for! Just as Dr. S said would happen, the longevity of the products I used have worn off (it’s been just over 4 months). I am very excited to go back to Dr. S next week to receive the same treatment as last time: Botox in the frown lines of my forehead as well as Juvederm to fill my upper lip, and this time I’m not nervous at all! Only excited and thankful I’ve found Dr. S!
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