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If you want the best care and a doctor who is also a genuine person. This is where you need go! Dr. Sikorski is not only a dermatologist but she is also a plastic surgeon. I have been coming to see her for over 5 years. She is busy. But that is expected when you go see a top notch doctor in orange county. I have been to other dermatologist and had moles removed and have many scars on my body because they do not have the techniques that Dr. Sikorski uses when patching you back together. I wish I would have found her much earlier. Since she is a dermatologist and plastic surgeon, she knows how to do the fancy stitching in order to leave minimal scars if any. She is very knowledgable and doesn’t make you feel like a number. She will spend as much time as you need so that you feel better when you leave her office.
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