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I have been going to Dr Sikorski for YEARS. I remember one of my first experiences with her that sealed the deal that I would continue using her for years. I had just gotten off work and it was late. I went in to have a full body mole exam and she said one of my moles looked really bad and she cared so much that she did not even want me to have to come back to have it removed. She didn’t even know who I was, but she seemed to genuinely care. So much so that she even canceled plans she had to make sure I could get it removed right then and there….and boy was I glad she did. She was spot on and my mole came back from the lab atypical and I had to take a lot more of it taken off. II am thankful every day that she caught that. Ever since then she has been nothing but completely sincere, friendly, and continues to be spot on. She almost feels like a part of the family in some way. That is how sincere she is. She takes her work very seriously and genuinely cares about her clients. I could not give a higher recommendation. I just adore her and Terri both.
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