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I’ve had two appointments with Dr Sikorski over the last year. I was skeptical/apprehensive about Botox, fillers, etc. I walked in the door with three major fears:
1. Whatever procedure I get, it won’t look natural.
2. She’ll try to up-sell me and I’ll end up doing more than I wanted.
3. I won’t like the results and I’ll regret the experience.

Exactly the opposite happened. Dr. Sikorski asked all the right questions and really listened to what I wanted: a conservative approach that looked very natural. She carefully studied my face (with what I believe is an artist’s eye) and recommended a couple of procedures. She did not try to up-sell me. I was and am extremely pleased with the results (very natural). I highly recommend her and would very comfortably refer family and friends (to me, that’s the true measure of satisfaction).

Thank you Dr. Sikorski — glad I found you!

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