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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sikorski’s for over eight years. After having “tested” and been a patient of at least five other dermatologists in Southern California, including one in Beverly Hills, Dr. Sikorski is the only dermatologist for me from now on.

My reasons are two-fold: Dr. Sikorski is one of the few I’ve found who is both a true medical and a true aesthetic dermatologist with equal talent and attention to detail in both areas.

Medically, she has been treating and monitoring my skin as I am a poster man for skin cancer: seven cases of basal cell carcinoma, one case of squamous cell and one case of melanoma. Plus actinic and subcutaneous keratosis. Every instance has been treated successfully thanks to Dr. Sikorski. I am vigilant in monitoring myself–I have little choice–but monitoring includes attentive professional follow-up.

Aesthetically, Dr. Sikorski has performed three procedures on me that resulted in nothing but compliments from many people on three continents for several years since the operations. This year I had a Fraxel session for skin smoothing and, as always under her care, the results were outstanding. Obviously, any and all future aesthetic or medical treatment or procedures will be performed by Dr. Sikorski.

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