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I love Dr. Sikorski. I was bit by a dog when I was five, and my upper lip has been uneven and asymmetrical. It’s been a huge source of insecurity for me. Being from Fresno, CA, my doctor recommended I do some research and Google the microdroplet technique for Silikon 1000. After reading the reviews, I chose Dr. Sikorski’s office, even though it’s a five-hour drive from Fresno.

The office staff is really friendly and even helped me plan my future appointments for the “Beauty Weeks” when the treatment is a little less expensive. Two out of three times, the wait was only a few minutes.

I had three treatments, so three days of driving ten hours, and it was totally worth it! Dr. Sikorski is genuine and caring and really wanted to help make me my best self, instead of suggesting treatments I don’t need. I even asked about another treatment and she advised against it, saying that we beat ourselves up over things others don’t even notice. I was so impressed and felt like she really had my best interest at heart.

My lip looks so much better, and I am almost a little sad I don’t need to go back to the office. Thank you Dr. Sikorski!

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