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Your face is one of the first things that people notice about you. Unfortunately, our faces change as we age, and sometimes, not so gracefully. Every year, Natural Image OC sees patients who complain of a tired look, wrinkles and sunken-in features that don’t make them look as young and healthy as they feel inside. For these patients, a facelift may be the right solution to turn back the hands of time and make you look like a better, more refreshed version of yourself. At Natural Image OC, our goal with a facelift is always to make you look good for your age – not to make you look like someone else.

Having Realistic Goals for a Facelift

The most important thing that patients should keep in mind when they are considering getting a facelift is to set realistic goals. While a facelift can make you look like a better version of yourself, it isn’t going to erase all signs of aging. And, would you really want it to? Do you want to look “wind-blown” or have a face that doesn’t match the appearance of your body? We doubt it, which is why we advise our patients to set realistic expectations for a refreshed, more alert appearance that still looks natural for their age.

Choosing Which Areas of Your Face and Neck to Address

A facelift, which is medically known as a rhytidectomy, can involve a variety of procedures to treat your neck and face. These may include:

  • Addressing sagging in the middle of your face;
  • Removing creases or hollows below the lower eyelids;
  • Eliminating deep creases along the nose that extend to the corner of your mouth, often called marionette lines;
  • Repositioning fat that has fallen or is otherwise misplaced;
  • Removing jowls, which is a result of lost muscle tone in the lower face;
  • Fixing a double chin, which remarkably can occur on any person, regardless of their weight.

Trusting Natural Image OC to Perform Your Facelift Procedure

Deciding to get a facelift is a big commitment, and procedure. You’re trusting a surgeon to refresh your face to a desired look, without changing what makes you uniquely “you.” At Natural Image OC, we work with all our patients on a one-on-one, individual basis to create a customized treatment plan that will help them achieve their desired goals.

Since there are so many different issues that can be addressed, and since many patients choose to combine a facelift with other procedures such as an eye lift or a brow lift, there’s no one-size-fits-all surgical plan for a facelift. But, a few things will remain constant:

  • Your Natural Image OC facelift plastic surgeon will do their very best to disguise incisions and stitching in the hairline and behind your ears, so that nobody needs to know that you’ve had work done;
  • We’ll work tirelessly to make sure that we’re honoring the results you’ve told us you desire most;
  • We’ll work on one side of your face at a time, so that we can place our full concentration on addressing every single one of your specific needs.

Recovering from Your Facelift

Patients should be advised that a facelift is considered a big surgery from which they’ll need ample time to recover. While everyone’s case will be unique, you’ll generally need to rest for a week or two after your facelift, refrain from exercising, and practice healthy eating habits to promote proper healing. Also, Natural Image OC asks that our facelift patients don’t smoke, as smoking can cause complications both during your facelift surgery and during your recovery time.

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If you’ve been considering getting a facelift, but aren’t sure if the procedure is right for you, there’s nothing like talking directly with an expert plastic surgeon to get all your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Patients can schedule a consultation at Natural Image OC today.