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Do you have excess fat and skin in your neck that make you appear heavier than you really are? Do you have a double chin, hanging skin or a neck that looks wrinkled and makes you appear older than you actually are? If you’ve answered, “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you may want to consider getting a neck lift from Dr. Sikorski at Natural Image OC.

A neck lift, which is performed by making a small incision underneath your chin, will instantly make it appear as though you have lost weight, and will also provide a more youthful appearance. In fact, many residents choose to have a neck lift for these two reasons – to look slimmer and younger, and provide an overall sleeker contour of their neck.

Sometimes combined with liposuction, a neck lift will remove excess loose skin to tighten your neck up properly. This will result in tighter, slimmer-looking neck that almost always reduces the wrinkles and rolls that some people acquire on their neck, making them appear years or even decades younger.

What Can a Neck Lift Improve?

When residents come to Dr. Sikorski of Natural Image OC for a neck lift consultation, they often have several complaints or problem areas that they would like addressed, including:

  • Sagging jowls;
  • Loosened neck skin;
  • The appearance of a turkey “wattle,” which unfortunately is typically a genetic condition that cannot be avoided;
  • Excess fat underneath the chin, often leading to a double chin; and
  • Neck bands.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

While a neck lift typically involves an incision underneath the chin, it also includes an incision in the front of the ear lobe, which wraps behind the ear and concludes in the lower scalp. Always focused on providing you with natural looking results, as her practice’s name suggests, Dr. Sikorski skillfully hides incisions within your natural skin folds to minimize visual scarring. The actual procedure takes about 2 to 3 hours to perform, though many neck lift patients choose to combine the surgery with other facial procedures, thus extending the total amount of time spent under anesthesia.

Techniques Used to Address Specific Issues

Since a neck lift is a general term to describe a variety of cosmetic procedures that can be performed, Dr. Sikorksi uses different techniques to address distinct issues.

Turkey “Wattle”

Often caused by weakened or loose neck muscles – which is typically genetic and unavoidable – the appearance of a turkey “wattle” can be an embarrassing condition for many neck lift patients. To correct this issue, Dr. Sikorski works diligently to place permanent sutures to hold your neck muscle tissue in place, preventing it from sagging in the future.

Excess Fat Removal

Often, to help residents remove excess fat from their neck, liposuction is performed. In this case, Dr. Sikorski makes a small incision underneath her patients’ chins, then uses a fine cannula to gently suction out the excess fat from their neck and chin, providing from a slimmer, sleeker neck contour.

Too Much Neck Skin

If you have too much neck skin, which seems wrinkled and folded and makes you feel as though you are heavier than you really are, then Dr. Sikorski may perform what is medically called a cervicoplasty. With this cosmetic procedure, Dr. Sikorski of Natural Image OC will trim parts of your wrinkled skin and lift remaining parts into place.

Am I A Good Candidate for a Neck Lift Surgery?

Many patients want to know if, despite exhibiting the problems that would typically necessitate getting a neck lift, they are considered healthy candidates for the procedure. Usually, Dr. Sikorski will green light your procedure if:

  • You’re in good overall health;
  • You’re a non-smoker;
  • You have realistic expectations for your surgery; and
  • You’re in good psychological health.

Scheduling Your Neck Lift Surgery Consultation

For patients, is almost impossible to hide an unattractive neck given the year-round warm weather of the sun. Don’t be embarrassed by the way your neck appears.

Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Sikorski of Natural Image OC to talk about your neck lift options.