What is INFINI?

INFINI is a new and exciting FDA approved dimension in radiofrequency (RF) technology that addresses textural changes and wrinkles. And although it’s not yet FDA approved, INFINI has also been shown to improve acne scarring. It uses a 3-dimensional approach of delivering RF energy to create tissue volume. Dr. Sikorski has received training in the use of INFINI in the United States.    

How does INFINI help to treat skin conditions?

INFINI combines fractional radiofrequency technology with micro needling. Instead of using radiofrequency platforms that heal the skin from the outside in, INFINI utilizes flow needle technology to convey RF directly to the dermis. The dermis is composed of collagen which maintains and supports the structure of our skin. By conveying heat energy from RF, INFINI stimulates collagen growth and encourages tissue tightening to designated depths in the skin. Not only do patients in the Orange County area experience amazing results with virtually zero pain, their wrinkles, scars, and sagging skin are greatly diminished.

Radiofrequency (RF) technology Explained

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is often likened to radio waves because they have the same frequency. But, RF is fundamentally electrical energy. When used to treat skin conditions, RF technology directly transfers the electrical energy into the skin. This, in turn, heats the collagen in the targeted area. To produce new collagen, and the resulting tightening and transformation of the tissue, the skin is heated to 60 degrees Celsius. Radiofrequency technologies are further divided into subcategories. INFINI is described as “multipolar.” This refers to the bipolar nature of the device in combination with multiple paired needle electrodes. RF devices are also classified by the effect they produce on the skin. Established categories have been sublative, ablative, and nonablative, contingent on whether RF technology affects the top layers of the skin. INFINI is in a class of its own because it transfers multidimensional energy to several layers of the dermis. Lastly, INFINI is a fractional RF device. Fractionated devices offer many distinct zones of energy delivery, instead of one big treatment stamp. RF, fractionated devices, or carbon dioxide lasers, help the treated area to heal quicker.

What is Micro needling?

Traditionally, micro needling is a procedure in which a sterilized stamp or “dermaroller” is used to stimulate the production of collagen. But the INFINI handpiece is composed of 49 microscopic needle tips, that when deployed, conduct radio frequency energy into predetermined depths of the dermis. This technology is extremely advantages in comparison to traditional micro needling devices.

What skin conditions does INFINI radiofrequency micro needling treat?

INFINI is commonly used to treat lax, saggy skin and wrinkles. This breakthrough technology tightens the skin’s tissue, creates collagen, and significantly improves the texture of the patient’s skin. Although INFINI is FDA-cleared to treat facial wrinkles and tissue coagulation, it’s also an effective treatment for other skin conditions such as acne scarring, traumatic scars, and scar remodeling. Doctors have been successfully treating patients in Asia, South America, and Europe using INFINI RF technology and it’s proven to be as effective at treating scars as it has for wrinkling and skin-tightening.

What areas does INFINI radiofrequency micro needling target?

Most often INFINI is used to treat facial scars, textural problems, and wrinkles. But it is also highly effective at reducing crepy, aging, sun-damaged skin on the neck. Vertical wrinkles on the delicate decolletage area respond especially well to INFINI in conjunction with Sculptra Aesthetic and Dermasweep.

Can other procedures be combined with INFINI radiofrequency micro needling?

INFINI radiofrequency treatment is frequently used in accompaniment with injectable procedures and laser devices. In facial treatments for wrinkling, it’s quite common for doctors to relax the overactive muscles that cause wrinkles with Botox or Dysport 2-4 weeks before INFINI. It can also be combined with fractionated laser skin resurfacing procedures to enhance collagen production and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. INFINI can be used in conjunction with the fillers: Voluma, Radiesse, or Restylane Lyft (formerly Perlane) for complete facial rejuvenation. Wrinkles that form around the eyes can be smoothed away with INFINI followed by Belotero. To rejuvenation vertical lip lines, INFINI treatments are often combined with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. To tighten loose skin, Ultherapy can be used initially to address layers of deep tissue, followed by INFINI to firm the dermis. This is particularly effective at rejuvenating the skin surrounding the eyes, at the jawline, and on the jowls and neck. And as was mentioned above, volumizing agents such as Sculptra can enhance the collagen induction process of INFINI RF micro needling. To help eliminate some of the effects of sun damage, also known as photodamage, in a more thorough manner, the chest area can be treated with INFINI and photodynamic therapy using IPL.

Is INFINI harmful to darker skin types or tanned skin?

INFINI is safe and approved for all skin types because the unique smooth needling technology, RF energy does not affect the skin’s surface but is transmitted directly to the collagen-producing dermis. By avoiding the top layer of the skin, post-treatment pigmentation is significantly reduced. Unlike other light and laser technologies, INFINI is safe to use on darker skin. INFINI treatments work wonderfully for Hispanic, African American, and Asian patients who are not candidates for other laser procedures or RF devices because of the risk of pigmentary problems.

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How many treatments are needed with INFINI radiofrequency micro needling?

Typically two to four treatments are advised. INFINI treatments are generally spaced about 4 weeks apart.

Is INFINI painful?

Orange CountyPatients report mild discomfort that feels like a tiny snap or sting. Before the procedure, patients receive a topical numbing ointment to the surface of the designated area. According to an extensive study of almost 500 patients on three continents, INFINI treatments were easily tolerated.

Will there be side effects from INFINI radiofrequency micro needling? Is there any downtime?

Side effects following INFINI are very mild and require minimal downtime. Some Orange County patients with very vascular skin may experience mild pinpoint bleeding and a chance of slight bruising. The most common side effect is skin that’s somewhat red for about 24 hours. The skin may be a little rough for 2-3 days. Typically most patients resume their normal routine within a day.

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