What is Silikon® 1000?

Silikon 1000 is a medical-grade pure form of liquid injectable silicone. Silikon 1000 is not FDA approved for wrinkle or lip augmentation use, however, it has been used as a dermal filler by cosmetic surgeons for 30 years with good results. In the hands of qualified injectors, complication rates are extremely low.

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How does Silikon® 1000 work and what are the advantages?

Silikon® 1000 provides a very natural-looking permanent solution. Utilizing a micro droplet technique, your body forms collagen around Silikon 1000 molecules and eventually the desired look is maintained. The amount of collagen formed depends upon your own body’s sensitivity to Silikon® 1000. No skin test is required and there is no downtime.

Only a tiny amount of Silikon microdroplets are used for each treatment session. Since the results are permanent and irreversible, patients will always be treated this way with sufficient time between treatments to assess the amount of collagen production.

Once you have achieved the results you desire, no further treatments are required. Results are immediate; however, multiple treatments may be required, depending upon the person’s level of sensitivity to Silikon® 1000.

What are some of the possible side effects?

There are no reported allergic reactions. Results from this filler are technique dependent. If injected incorrectly, abnormal lumps and granulomas can form. The more common side effects with any injection include possible bleeding, and tenderness, redness, or swelling. These side effects last, on average, 3 to 7 days.

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