Injectables in Orange County

When you are interested in rejuvenating your look without surgery or permanent changes, injectables in Orange County could be right for you. Natural Image OC offers fillers to fit a variety of needs. At your consultation, experienced cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sikorski will work with you to create a plan for your best look. The injectables you can choose from include:

Real Natural Image OC patient

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

There is no specific age requirement for injectables since everyone shows signs of aging at different times. Older patients generally get injectables to fill in wrinkles and look younger, while younger patients usually want injectables to have plumper and fuller lips. Injectables in Orange County are effective for both men and women.

How the Procedure Works

Each of the different types of injectables has their own procedure, but the before-and-after process is similar for all types. Dr. Sikorski will generally apply a topical anesthetic cream prior to using the injectables to create the most comfortable experience for the patient. Once the injectable is administered, an ice pack may be applied to the affected area for optimal results. Patients will generally see results within a few hours following the treatment.

What to Expect Following the Procedure

Dr. Sikorski recommends that patients take the rest of the day off from work when they receive injectables in Orange County. This is especially true if it’s the patient’s first time receiving an injectable. Any potential side effects should subside within a matter of hours, but Dr. Sikorski also suggests first-time patients schedule their appointment on a Friday, so they have the entire weekend to relax and enjoy the results.

Why Choose Dr. Sikorski?

When patients walk into Dr. Sikorski’s office in Laguna Niguel, they’ll be greeted by friendly staff and enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment.  Patients will then have the chance to talk with Dr. Sikorski about their concerns and what they want to achieve with their appearance.

She takes the time to understand all of her patient’s needs and will be completely transparent with them throughout the entire process. Patients will then discuss pricing and other details with our  patient care coordinator.

If you’re considering injectables in Orange County, Dr. Sikorski is your trusted professional. Schedule your appointment today with Natural Image OC by calling or filling out our online form.