ALMI Fat Transfer in Orange County

ALMI (autologous lipocyte micronized injection) fat transfer using mixed fat and stem cells can add or restore fullness to your features, creating a younger and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. At the same time, the procedure reduces unwanted fat from other areas of your body, providing you with a slimmer, more toned look. Dr. Sikorski of Natural Image OC provides ALMI fat transfer to the face for patients.

During the procedure, Dr. Sikorski harvests fat from areas that patients want to slim down. She then filters this fat and injects it into areas of volume loss. The treatment works similarly to dermal fillers—only, it uses your body’s own natural materials. Dr. Lenore Sikorski performs fat transfer  patients as an alternative to dermal fillers. The approach offers several advantages, including longer duration, ability to contour the entire face, and lower risk for allergic reactions sine it is taken directly from the patient, serving as an excellent alternative for those who have allergies to fillers. Patients rely on Dr. Sikorski for AlMI fat transfer in Orange County and other cosmetic facial procedures because of her experience, training, and eye for detail, which she applies to create subtle and substantial improvement.

Your facial features may lose volume as you get older. This can create signs of aging such as:

•   A sunken appearance around the cheekbones, temples, and mid-face.

•   Features that look flatter or less defined.

•   Skin that appears less firm.

•   More apparent lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Sikorski uses ALMI fat transfer to help patients restore these features. ALMI fat transfer can also fill in facial depressions created by scarring and address symptoms of diseases like facial lipoatrophy.

The Benefits of the Procedure

ALMI fat transfer in Orange County offers patients several advantages over other approaches:

Reshape and Restore

Many of Dr. Sikorski’s patients appreciate the two-for-one improvement that fat transfer provides. It both reduces signs of aging and creates a slimmer contour in the areas from which fat is harvested—typically the buttocks or abdomen.

Longer Lasting

Fat transfer tends to give lengthier results than dermal fillers. This means that you can enjoy the results without having to return for retreatment as often.

Cost Effective

Dr. Sikorski can harvest as much material as is available and necessary. She can also store natural fat for about one year and use it for touch-ups. This may reduce the expense of treatment.


Unlike other fillers that you may use, you cannot develop an allergic reaction to your own fat.

Your Experience with ALMI fat transfer

During an initial consultation, Dr. Sikorski will talk with you about the changes you’d like to make. Together, you will explore the solutions that our practice provides, and Dr. Sikorski will recommend an approach based on your needs and goals.

If you are interested in fat transfer in Orange County, Dr. Sikorski will examine potential donor sites, note areas where injections may improve your features, and discuss a treatment plan. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about what to expect and the results you may see.

All procedures take place in our fully licensed and credentialed surgical center in Laguna Niguel. During fat transfer:

  • You have the option to receive local sedation. The process doesn’t typically hurt, but sedation may make the experience more comfortable.
  • Dr. Sikorski will clean, prepare, and harvest fat from the donor sites.
  • In an on-site laboratory, our team will filter and spin the fat to bring it to the right consistency.
  • Dr. Sikorski will inject the fat into features that could benefit from greater fullness.

After your fat transfer, you can expect some swelling in the harvest and injection sites. While Dr. Sikorski doesn’t place restrictions on physical activity or returning to work, she does recommend that you take it easy for 3-5 days to give yourself time to recover from the procedure.

With ALMI fat transfer in Orange County, your results should last significantly longer than you would experience with dermal fillers. You should also benefit from a tighter and firmer body contour.

Costs of Cosmetic Surgery

At Natural Image OC, we maintain a top-level integrated, AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery center. This helps reduce the costs of cosmetic surgery because we are not tied to the additional costs of a satellite surgical center, nor do any “overtime” costs that can accrue from extra surgery time or anesthesiologist fees. In the end, this can save up to 25% over what many surgeries might cost elsewhere.

Speak With Us About an ALMI Fat Transfer in Orange County

You’ll enjoy a relaxing visit to our office where you can ask questions, meet our staff, take a tour of our office and surgical suite in Laguna Niguel and view additional photo results of our patients.

Your consultation assessment is with Dr. Sikorski, not an impersonal or commissioned salesperson. Fees and procedure preparations are discussed with our patient coordinator, who will detail the surgical experience with you.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you find the simplest solution to achieve the goals you desire. If you would like to schedule a consultation for ALMI fat transfer in Orange County with Dr. Sikorski, contact our office with our online form.