Restylane® Silk in Orange County

As you age, your lips may become noticeably thinner or lose the definition they had in younger years. You may also see more pronounced vertical lines and creases around your lips.

Restylane® Silk® is an FDA-approved product that can enhance your lips and smooth away the lines. The filler reshapes and redefines lips to restore your features in a natural-looking way.

Dr. Lenore Sikorski recommends Restylane Silk to patients who have experienced aging in and around their lips and who are more interested in a natural, moist and silky look. As one of several Restylane products that her practices uses, Silk is the option with the smoothest texture and feel, making it ideal for areas of the face that require a fine-detail approach.

Because of the way the filler works, Restylane Silk in Orange County can also improve areas around your cheeks and eyes. Treatment can restore volume to these features, reduce fine lines, and create a more youthful contour.

The Benefits of Restylane Silk

Every facial filler that Dr. Sikorski uses has its advantages. Here are some of the benefits Restylane Silk in Orange County offers:

Subtle. Restylane Silk uses extremely small and smooth particles. This means that Dr. Sikorski can inject small amounts to create noticeable, natural-looking improvement rather than drastic change.

A “fine feature” treatment. The lips, cheeks, and areas around the eyes have thinner skin with more of a “give” than other parts of the face. Restylane Silk restores these areas in a way that leaves them feeling soft and natural.

A uniform result. Dr. Sikorski takes great care to select and prepare the facial filler that, in her experience, will give the ideal result. Because Restylane Silk is a much smoother product,

Patients are less likely to see lumps in areas with thin skin.

No downtime. After treatment, you can return to your normal daily activities. Common side effects such as swelling and redness should go away within a few days.

What Do Beautiful Lips Look Like?

Many patients visit our practice with a general goal of wanting to restore their beautiful features. Dr. Sikorski takes time during these visits to identify facial features and other areas that already contribute to the beauty and youthfulness of her patients in which Restylane Silk will enhance.

During your consultation at our office, Dr. Sikorski can describe the type of changes that treatment might offer. Here are some of the aesthetic ideals that guide her work on lips:

  • Cupid’s bow. The dip in the upper lip should be symmetrical and well-defined.
  • Alignment of the lips and eyes. The corners of your mouth should fall below the center of your eyes.
  • Projection and taper. Your upper lip should project a bit past your lower lip, and the lips should be fullest at the center.
  • Firm skin. The area around your lips should be smooth and free of lines and creases.

Your Experience with Restylane Silk and Fillers

Natural Image OC provides a number of measures to ensure your comfort during treatment. These include a numbing cream and ice in the areas of treatment, which significantly reduce sensation. Patients with high sensitivity may also receive a nerve block, nitrous, or pain medications. Our practice also uses the very smallest gauge needles possible for applying the filler and may add an anesthetic to the solution to improve your comfort further.

Dr. Sikorski works efficiently but with an eye toward detail, injecting fillers such as Restylane Silk to restore volume and reduce the appearance of lines and creases. Treatment does not take long, and you can expect to be back to normal activities immediately afterward.

The effects of fillers such as Restylane—more defined and youthful-looking lips—last about six months. When you are ready to see more benefits of Restylane Silk, you can return to our Laguna Niguel practice for re-application.

Ask About Restylane® Silk in Orange County at Your Consultation

Enjoy a relaxing visit to our office where you can ask questions, meet our staff, take a tour of our office and surgical suite and view additional photo results of our patients.

Your consultation assessment is with Dr. Sikorski, not an impersonal or commissioned sales person. Fees and procedure preparations are discussed with our patient coordinator, who will detail the surgical experience with you.

Learn more about Restylane Silk in Orange County and our other options for fillers by scheduling a consultation with Natural Image OC. Contact our practice.