Laser Hair Removal in Orange County


Now you can get rid of unwanted hair with the innovative hair laser devices offered in our office, regardless of skin tone. Soprano Ice can be used on most skin tones, and GentleYag for the darkest skin tones. These laser device treatments can be used for multiple skin tones, allowing for a wider range of patients to safely remove unwanted hair. Our devices offer a breakthrough in laser hair removal in Orange County for achieving long-lasting relief from unwanted hair growth without damaging the skin’s delicate pores.

How Do the GentleYag and Soprano Ice Lasers Work?

The GentleYag laser works primarily by the absorption of heat by pigment cells in the hair. Surrounding tissue is unaffected. The Soprano Ice has a sapphire cooling tip which protects the skin from heat, which in turn makes the procedure safe and comfortable. The brown or black pigment of the hair absorbs heat and concentrates in the follicle, which disables the production of hair and results in the reduction of the number and thickness of the follicles. Shortly after treatment, the desired reduction in hair follicles occurs, all without damaging surrounding tissue. In the weeks after treatment, many of the hair follicles will fall out. Since hair growth patterns occur in different cycles, multiple laser hair removal treatments in Orange County will need to be completed for the desired outcome.

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