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Natural Image OC is a Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Center. For over 20 years, Dr. Sikorski and the Natural Image OC team have been providing patients with exceptional cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments. Our highly trained staff caters to all ages and skin types; treating patients for a wide array of concerns, such as skin cancers, pre-cancers, skin cancer prevention, acne, anti-aging treatments and more. Dr. Sikorski and her staff implement a full spectrum of treatments including Lasers, Dermal Fillers, Rejuvenative Light Sources, Chemical Peels, Thread Lifts, Liposuction, Facial surgery, and a full line of professional medical-grade skin care products.

An artist’s trained eye can see the end result before it even occurs – Why is this important?

Tightening and lifting are only part of the rejuvenation process.. All the layers of the face and body have to be balanced in a holistic approach to obtain a natural and rejuvenated appearance.

Being capable of envisioning the effects of surgery – before it occurs – means the difference between okay results, great results, or in some cases, outright bad results. Aesthetic procedures are an art form and require many of the same talents. They require both an artistic eye as well as a full understanding of anatomy and science.


Challenging the cookie cutter approach

It became a challenge to tweak the standard surgical techniques to fit with what Dr. Sikorski knew was artistically required. A change of incision placement, a subtle alteration of suture tension, a less aggressive draping of the skin – with a sharp eye and comprehensive anatomical assessment, it became apparent that with surgery, like art, it was the little things that made the big differences. Patients can forget worrying about looking like they’ve been “done” or looking like a caricature of themselves. The aim is to look natural, well-rested, refreshed and energetic.

The Inside – Outside Job

Structural changes usually call for some type of finishing on the outside. Aging takes its toll by deflating the natural volume of the skin with resultant sagging. These changes can be easily managed with surgical techniques that tighten loose muscle structures and remove excess skin. But what about the skin that covers this new structure? Doesn’t it need a bit of attention too? And what about those who don’t need or want surgery?

Dr. Sikorski implements the full Dermatology arsenal – Lasers, Dermal Fillers, Rejuvenative Light sources, Chemical Peels, skin-nourishing dermaceuticals to replace lost moisture, improve color balance, protect and restore luminosity. If you elect to have cosmetic procedures, why not complete the remodeling with new “fabric” in the way of smoother, more evenly toned skin?

Cosmetic procedures  do not always make all the changes you need or want, so that’s where the dermatology procedures complete the transformation.

The No-Surgery Options

Does everyone with aging issues need surgery? Absolutely not. And it’s not uncommon to discover that many non surgical options are completely adequate to accomplish the changes you’re interested in. At Natural Image OC, we have all the latest non-surgical options and we love doing combination treatments for our patients.

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    Dr. Sikorski and her staff are amazing. I have never felt so good about myself and my appearance. The staff is very knowledgable and polite. I was very nervous when I went in but the staff made me feel relaxed...

    Dr Sikorski performed a Brow Lift, Facelift and CO2 Fractional Lazer on me and it looks fantastic!!! She is the most amazing surgeon. I always felt like she had endless time for me. Prior to surgery she prepared me thoroughly...

    I had my first IPL at Natural Image last week to help with sun spots/freckles and I am absolutely blown away by the results. My skin hasn't looked this good in ages. I wish I had done it years ago!

    Dr. Sikorski is not only an amazing physician but takes the time and patience with each patient. She is a brilliant doctor at making people feel and look beautiful. Her staff and office are friendly and professional. I would highly...

    My family and I have been patients of Dr Sikorski's for 15 years. Personally, I've always had remarkable experiences with her as well as the assistants and front office. I've seen Dr Sikorski as a dermatologist as well as cosmetic...

    We saw Chelsea at this office. She is super knowledgeable and worked with us to find the right products and medicines. Great office and great location! The atmosphere is inviting and calm. We never felt rushed through the appointments and...

    Dr. Sikorski and her PA were amazing and did my very first injection I've ever had on my face. I was able to get the full details beforehand and even during the process each step was explained to me. Dr....

    - Yanitza -

    Dr. Sikorski is so knowledgeable. She truly cares about her patients and wants them to look and feel their best! I recommend her office to everyone!

    - Marile -

    Dr. Sikorski and her staff are great! I love that Dr. S is direct and honest. I appreciate the price transparency and didn't experience any hidden fees like i have at other places. I can tell that this practice values...

    - Lindsay -

    I have been a client for over 10 years now and have been happy with all the treatments I've had. The staff is very professional and accomodating. I've recommended Dr. Sikorski to many of my friends since the first time...

    - Mel -

    I had an existing situation with cancer that left a scar on my face and I wanted to see if there were something we can do to eliminate, or at least lessen the appearance of it. We went with Artefill®...

    - Robert -
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    Natural Image OC helps patients attain cosmetic improvement and healthier skin by combining advanced treatment, high aesthetic standards, and meticulous attention to detail. Led by Dr. Lenore Sikorski, an experienced cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist, we focus on comfort, safety, and natural-looking outcomes.

    Natural Image OC offers an individualized consultation to guide you through treatment options, whether you are exploring cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dermatology. We provide a variety of services with proven effectiveness and safety, including an expansive list of skin treatments, lasers, threads, facial cosmetic surgery, body liposuction, laser resurfacing, and dermal fillers. As a result, our practice can provide care ideally suited to your needs. We believe we are alongside you on your journey to enhance your health and beauty. 

    As a patient, you will benefit from a warm and welcoming environment and a knowledgeable and caring staff. Our approach focuses on science-based, healthy outcomes and subtle, effective, and attractive improvement. All surgical procedures take place in an AAAHC-certified center, and all treatments are FDA-approved. We care about your comfort and have a variety of comfort measures to make your treatment experience better. We are your top destination for cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery in Orange County!

    If you see an offer that interests you, contact Natural Image OC to schedule an initial consultation. Our practice provides transparent and comprehensive treatment plans so that you can make your decision with full pricing details.