Thermage in Orange County

Thermage® is an FDA-approved treatment that can help facial skin look younger and feel firmer. While its effects are comparable to some other treatments that Natural Image OC offers, Dr. Sikorski frequently uses it on facial features that require a focused and delicate approach, such as the eyes. The device is uniquely suited to improving these areas.

Thermage helps patients in Orange County tighten lax and wrinkled areas, as well as redefine facial features. It uses radiofrequency technology to reshape and promote new collagen, the main structural protein between your connective tissues. This helps create a smoother, more toned appearance.

The Benefits of Thermage

Dr. Sikorski will guide you through a variety of treatment options as part of your initial consultation. Here are some of the reasons she may recommend Thermage over other approaches:

Natural-looking, youthful results. Thermage can improve the contour and firmness of your features without scarring or drastic change.

No downtime. While Thermage will not have the same impact as a surgical approach, many of our patients choose Thermage because it’s effective and completely non-invasive.

Comfort. Beyond the measures that Natural Image OC provides to reduce sensation during treatment, Thermage is designed for greater patient comfort. The device adds a gentle vibration and cooling bursts that distract from the heat that the RF energy creates. During the procedure, the physician’s assistant will help you find a setting that balances comfort while striving to get the best results possible.

Speed. Your physician’s assistant will take the time to provide careful and effective treatment. Even with this approach, Thermage applications should only take about 45 minutes for the eyes or face.

Regenerative effects. Thermage works by stimulating collagen production. After seeing immediate results, you can expect ongoing improvement for up to six months as your body regenerates collagen. Some of our patients have non-surgical rejuvenation using Thermage on a yearly basis to keep ahead of the aging process.

Your Initial Consultation

One of the motivations behind Dr. Sikorski’s work is helping people find the right path to achieving their goals. You will have extensive time to talk about what’s driving your decision for cosmetic improvement; to receive a comprehensive examination, and to collaborate on the right approach. Because Dr. Sikorski has experience in a broad array of procedures, she can recommend one that will suit your needs.

Surgical and non-surgical approaches both have their advantages. Patients with significant sagging may be better suited to a procedure such as a blepharoplasty or a facelift. However, if you are a good candidate for non-surgical skin tightening, Thermage in Orange County may be right for you.

Your Experience with Thermage

Treatment takes place at our office. As part of the process:

  • Your provider  will give you medication and numbing cream to reduce discomfort.
  • The Thermage device will create deep heat.
  • Radiofrequency energy will heat the deep layers of tissue in the areas you and your provider have selected for treatment. This will encourage the production of collagen.
  • The device will deliver a final dose of warmth to the surface of your skin.

While Thermage doesn’t require a lengthy recovery, you will need someone to drive you home if you receive pain medication as part of your procedure. Your skin may be slightly red afterward, but there should be no bruising or other signs of treatment, and you should be able to return to normal activities later the same day.

Expect results in as little as 24 hours, though the majority of the improvement you see will depend on how quickly your body produces new collagen. By six months, you should be able to enjoy the full benefits of your treatment. Dr. Sikorski may recommend that you have a follow-up treatment at the end of this period for even firmer and younger-looking skin.

Tighten Your Skin With Thermage in Orange County

You’ll enjoy a relaxing visit to our office where you can ask questions, meet our staff, take a tour of our office and surgical suite and view additional photo results of our patients.

Your consultation assessment is with a Natural Image OC provider. Fees and procedure preparations are discussed with our patient care coordinator, who will detail the  experience with you.

Sagging and aging features don’t always require surgery. Learn more about Thermage by scheduling a visit at our Laguna Niguel office.