GentleYag in Orange County

A Breakthrough in Vascular Problems

Now you can get rid of unwanted superficial veins and vascular lesions with the GentleYag and VBeam Perfecta laser treatments offered at our Orange County practice. Both of these laser devices reduce the appearance of veins and vascular lesions (such as venous lakes on the lips) in a minimally invasive way without causing scarring. Both of these lasers can be used on multiple skin tones, allowing for a wider range of patients to safely remove unwanted veins. Conditions these lasers treat include rosacea, facial redness, birthmarks, veins, redness under the eyes, and bruising.

How do the GentleYag and VBeam lasers work?

Both the GentleYag and VBeam Perfecta lasers work primarily by the absorption of heat by pigment cells in the vein. Surrounding tissue is unaffected. The red and blue pigment of broken and enlarged vessels is targeted, and heated exclusively. At the same time, a cool burst of air is emitted to contact cool the surrounding skin to allow safe treatments. The GentleYag goes deeper into the skin; therefore, can treat larger veins and vascular lesions. The VBeam Perfecta addresses more superficial vessels and even diffuses redness associated with rosacea. Specialized and individualized treatment protocols allow for customized treatment, along with multiple passes performed with each treatment session, which leads to better outcomes.

During treatment, laser light is absorbed only by the targeted pigment within the superficial damaged blood vessels and broken capillaries, raising the temperature enough to cause permanent change. The vessels respond by coagulating and shrinking. Shortly after treatment, the desired reduction of superficial veins occurs. In the weeks after treatment, the shattered pigment particles of the coagulated veins are eliminated by your body’s own internal cleaning system that absorbs the fragmented pigment. Little or no trace of the initial spidery veins remain after the appropriate number of treatments. Both lasers improve the quality and texture of the skin by stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production. 

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