VOLBELLA® in Orange County

Lips have certain aesthetic standards: symmetry, definition, fullness, smoothness, and projection. As you age, however, your lips may lose some of these qualities. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® XC helps restore these features.

VOLBELLA® is one of many facial fillers that Dr. Sikorski provides patients. The JUVÉDERM line is well-represented in her offerings because of its effectiveness and years at work in cosmetic practices.

Dr. Sikorski uses VOLBELLA® to restore a full, soft, and youthful appearance to the lips. She injects the product in a careful and measured way, emphasizing natural-looking improvement over drastic change. VOLBELLA® in Orange County provides lasting effects with a duration of up to one year, and its consistency makes application smoother and more comfortable for the patient.

An Overview of VOLBELLA®

VOLBELLA® is a facial filler for the lips and the lines that develop around the mouth as you age (“perioral rhytids”). The product softens the appearance of these lines and increases the fullness of the lips.

Dr. Sikorski recommends VOLBELLA® for patients who have signs of aging such as:

  • Lines and creases around their lips.
  • Loss of volume and definition in the lips and cheeks.
  • Less projection or a less noticeable “pout.”

VOLBELLA® has FDA approval and has been used extensively in international practices. Dr. Sikorski introduced the product to our patients because of its ability to reshape, re-contour, and redefine lips and its lengthy duration of effect.

The Benefits of VOLBELLA®

Patients choose Natural Image OC in part because of Dr. Sikorski’s broad skill in facial fillers and facial aesthetics. She has experience with nearly every FDA-approved product on the market and offers those in our practice that she believes provide the best outcomes.

Depending on the use case, VOLBELLA® in Orange County has a number of advantages:

  • Smooth and subtle. If your goal is more youthful lips, VOLBELLA® offers results that are natural-looking rather than drastic.
  • Dual action. The gel component of the filler immediately reduces the appearance of signs of aging. The hyaluronic acid base helps results last longer.
  • Duration. Patients can expect VOLBELLA® to be effective for up to one full year. This reduces the need for and expense of retreatment.
  • Comfort. VOLBELLA® includes lidocaine to reduce sensation during treatment.

Your Experience with VOLBELLA®

During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals and to learn about options for improving signs of aging.

As a patient, you’ll find the experience to be both informative and collaborative; Dr. Sikorski spends a significant amount of time talking with those in her care about what they want to accomplish, how subtle changes can improve the aesthetics of a person’s features, and the advantages of different filler options.

If you are a good candidate for VOLBELLA® in Orange County, you may be able to receive treatment the same day as your consultation. Patients on blood thinners or who require further testing may need to delay VOLBELLA® for safety.

During treatment:

  • Our practice typically provides numbing cream as well as ice applications to reduce sensation in the targeted areas. We can also provide nitrous or other sedation if necessary, though most patients tell us that treatment is very tolerable.
  • Dr. Sikorski will use ultra-fine injections, made possible thanks to the smooth consistency of VOLBELLA®. You should be able to return to normal daily activities immediately following treatment, though Dr. Sikorski may advise you to not wear makeup for 12 hours and avoid the sun, saunas, and steam rooms for up to two weeks. You may notice some swelling or tenderness around the sites we inject.

After treatment with VOLBELLA®, you should see an improvement in signs of aging around your lips and lower cheek: reduced lines and wrinkles, a fuller pout, and a more youthful smile.

Treat Signs of Aging with VOLBELLA® in Orange County

You’ll enjoy a relaxing visit to our office where you can ask questions, meet our staff, take a tour of our office and surgical suite in Laguna Niguel and view additional photo results of our patients.

Your consultation assessment is with Dr. Sikorski, not an impersonal or commissioned sales person. Fees and procedure preparations are discussed with our patient coordinator, who will detail the surgical experience with you.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you find the simplest solution to achieve the goals you desire. Contact us today and achieve more beautiful lips with VOLBELLA® in Orange County.