Even if your features are otherwise firm and well-defined, the quality of your skin may be keeping you from looking as young as you’d like. Due to natural aging or environmental factors such as sun exposure, your face may begin to develop deep lines, etching, and crosshatching.

Natural Image OC offers Orange County patients laser resurfacing to address these concerns. Considered “the gold standard” for wrinkle treatment, laser resurfacing can significantly reduce the appearance of lines and soften etching. The procedure is non-surgical and well-established.

Dr. Lenore Sikorski has over 20 years of experience in laser resurfacing. She is a specialist in skincare and facial care and holds certification from both the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. Because each treatment area, skin type, and sign of aging is different, Dr. Sikorski offers a variety of technologies to provide the right approach for each patient.

An Overview of Laser Resurfacing

Lasers use powerful and controlled beams to remove aged layers of skin. The energy that the laser applies shrinks the existing collagen fibers and causes new collagen to form. As your body’s natural processes take over in the months that follow, you should see a softening of facial wrinkles.

Natural Image OC offers Orange County patients several types of laser resurfacing. Fractionated CO2 lasers create a “fractured” beam that affects only a portion of the treatment area. The unaffected parts help the areas that are treated heal faster. As a result, it’s a safer technology than traditional, fully ablative lasers. Dr. Sikorski uses multiple fractionated lasers, including the MiXto and UltraPulse Active FX / Deep FX.

Erbium laser resurfacing is useful for surface-level wrinkles, delicate facial features, and certain skin types. This is because these lasers tend to create less heat than fractionated lasers. With deeper wrinkles, Dr. Sikorski often combines the two approaches, using the fractionated laser to treat signs of aging and applying the erbium laser to create an aesthetic finish.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment Areas

Crow’s feet
Sagging skin
Uneven skin tone
Enlarged oil glands
Age spots
Acne scars
Fine lines and wrinkles

Your Initial Consultation

During your first visit to Natural Image OC, she will evaluate the facial features you want to address. Some Orange County patients come to their initial consultation with a general concern about the lines on their faces. Others know the specific areas they want to target. Looking together with a mirror or on our diagnostic screen, Dr. Sikorski can walk you through various treatment options.

Our OC patients who have laser resurfacing typically see dramatic results. Treatment can restore as much as ten years to their appearance. However, it’s most effective when wrinkles are the greatest sign of aging. If you have a lot of laxity in your features but good-quality skin, Dr. Sikorski may recommend a surgical approach such as a facelift instead.

Your Experience with the Laser Resurfacing Procedure

  • As part of your procedure, you receive anesthesia or conscious sedation combined with numbing to make treatment as comfortable as possible.
  • Dr. Sikorski will apply the laser in a controlled and focused way.
  • She may treat the areas you have targeted with one or a combination of laser tools for the ideal aesthetic result.

Afterward, you may feel as though you have sunburn, but you should be much more comfortable by the next day. Before you leave our practice, we will use a special ointment on your skin to speed recovery. We will also provide recommendations for home care. For the first 5-7 days, expect your skin look reddish or brownish as it heals and forms new collagen.

Most of our OC laser resurfacing patients take about 10 full days for recovery. Afterward, you should see ongoing improvement in the treatment areas, with skin that gradually becomes tighter and wrinkles that soften and fade. Our practice supports healing by inviting patients back for frequent checkups, soakings, and other skin care measures.

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Dermatologist in the Mission Viejo and Orange County area, Dr. Sikorski

Your Consultation Visit

Enjoy a relaxing visit to our office where you can ask questions, meet our staff, take a tour of our office and surgical suite and view additional photo results of our patients.

Your consultation assessment is with Dr. Sikorski, not an impersonal or commissioned sales person. Fees and procedure preparations are discussed with our patient coordinator, who will detail the surgical experience with you.

If deep lines and wrinkles are preventing you from looking as young as you would like, you may be a good candidate for laser resurfacing. Schedule an appointment with Natural Image OC online or call our Orange County area office at (949) 448-0487.